Beals mmo Haven.Inc  is a Gaming community built in 2011.

We started out in one game. Now have members from all over the world  in all the leading mmo's along with the top leading stand alone pc games.  We offer a dedicated team speak three server to share in our enjoyment  of these multiplayer games. In fact it has went so well we have built a team and a company out of it.To help others like us reach their group with ease.
Project Rusty
The Havens Wire
October 21st
26m:29s – – Win free bitcoins every hour!.
June 6th
 All the  information provided  is freely searchable yourself at no time do i want you to feel i have inside information that cannot be freely found. I unlike many of you have the time to search hours on end for some of the things i am abou…
May 29th
Raspberry Pi and Routing: Turning a Pi into A Router | Jacob Salmela.
Project Rusty
October 23rd
Rusty's TS support server is back up, and can be accessed at Tweet
October 17th
There's been some confusion with the NPL that Rusty's support TS server uses, and the server is down while the issues are resolved. It should hopefully be back up shortly.  Tweet
October 15th
There's been a lot of reports in the last 24 hours of new recruits joining but not being able to link their TS unique Id to their WG Id right away. I've verified that member syncing is working fine and still happens every 5 minutes, but it looks like the …
September 25th
Rusty now creates roles that correspond to new Wargaming clan roles automatically when needed. Once you've assigned someone to a new role on WG's site, it'll be created and a couple default permissions will be given to it. It's important that you check pe…
September 2nd
Automated client description updates now includes the player's fame points and fame rank (if they've participated in the event): As well as in the !whois command: Tags: Updatebotfame Tweet
TS3 MusicBot
October 25th
This is something i can't understand, running on same machine as the teamspeak server i notice the bot sound quality is always worse than a normal client. As my teamspeak users report to me the stream quality suffers.We are running it on Ubuntu 14 Server.…
October 25th
Ich habe mich registiert die TS3 ip adresse eingegeben und den bot für windows heruntergeladen,dann habe ich ihn entpackt dann bin ich erst mal auf Readme.txt datei gegangen, was da drin steht habe ich befolgt,nach dem 3. indem ich den start buttoun …
October 23rd
Hello everyone,I would like to get a command to turn admin mode !adminmodeso only bot admins can send commands.and a command to switch for usergroups or something so i can give the musicbot server admin and the musicbot admin group could do like!jo…
October 21st
yo i have three problems when i try do edit the musiclist 1. cant delete files that have >>>�<<< in their name2. while scrollin down in edit mode, the boxes to mark the files dont stay connected to the file --> when i delete a …
October 20th
Im still need help to fixed shuffer youtubeStatistics: Posted by Ameel — Mon Oct 20, 2014 3:32 pm