Beals MMO Haven LLC  is a Gaming community built in 2011.

We started out in one game. Now have members from all over the world  in all the leading MMO's along with the top leading stand alone PC games. In fact it has went so well we have built a team and a company out of it.To help others like us reach their group with ease. 

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Project Rusty
Project Rusty
August 7th
Rusty Replay is now compatible with 9.9 and will upload and process ClanWars 2.0 replays! Next time you launch it, it will auto-update and warn you that there are new options in the config. The new option is for keeping/deleting domination replays: A…
August 2nd
I've arrived and are available again. I hope to have some youtube tutorial videos made soon demonstrating the new diplomacy (multi-clan) features amung other things. Tweet
July 23rd
I'm moving my family (wife and 8-month-old twin sons) to the USA, and are leaving in the morning. The drive will take 4-5 days so I'll be unavailable during that time. The server Rusty runs on won't be affected, and I should be available again shortly aft…
July 16th
The bot config and log have been moved to a new "Rusty" section in the admin bar at the very top of the site. This is where I plan on putting any configuration type stuff that's specific to WoT and/or Teamspeak. More details on the new Diplomacy/Mult…
June 18th
Logging has been upgraded in Rusty Replay and should now provide more meaningful data. The log level can also be set from the config window. Tags: Rusty Replayupgrade Tweet
TS3 MusicBot
October 5th has built its reputation on voice and game servers. However, we recently became a reseller. Our pricing is aggressive and starts at $4.49USD/mth (3.99EURO/mth)Storage Space: 5GB to 25GBBandwidth: Unlimited Transmi…
October 1st
Serverquery-Rechte[Benötigte Rechte]Rechteparameter Bedeutungb_serverinstance_permission_list Verfügbare Rechte anzeigen/auflistenb_serverquery_login Als Server Query Einloggenb_virtualserver_se…
October 1st
Radios können auch per Shoutcast gesucht werden:Einfach unter Radio oben auf Shoutcast Browser klickenshoutcast02.pngDanach kann man sein Radio suchen und bekommt dieses oder auch mehrerer aufgelistet:shoutcast.pngMan kann es nun entweder direkt absp…
October 1st
Radio Ordner erstellenZu allererst klickt man auf hochladen und dann auf Create music folderradio ordnererstellen .pngDann wählt man einen Namen(in unserem Fall "Test") und klickt auf erstellen.Hat man bereits einen Ordner und möchte aber einen …
August 31st
Folgende Datei-Formate werden untersützt: .pls, .m3u, .ram, .asx, .asfWenn man eine Radiodatei hochladen will, klickt man auf Hochladen und dann auf Upload Radio.Radio - Hochladen.pngNun klicken man auf "Radio Dateien hochladen" und wählt in de…
ARK Server Manager
October 8th
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October 8th
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October 8th
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October 8th
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October 8th
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