Beals mmo Haven.Inc  is a Gaming community built in 2011.

We started out in one game. Now have members from all over the world  in all the leading mmo's along with the top leading stand alone pc games.  We offer a dedicated team speak three server to share in our enjoyment  of these multiplayer games. In fact it has went so well we have built a team and a company out of it.To help others like us reach their group with ease.

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Project Rusty
The Havens Wire
June 6th
 All the  information provided  is freely searchable yourself at no time do i want you to feel i have inside information that cannot be freely found. I unlike many of you have the time to search hours on end for some of the things i am abou…
May 29th
Raspberry Pi and Routing: Turning a Pi into A Router | Jacob Salmela.
Project Rusty
August 2nd
Rusty Replay has been updated to handle skrimish replays. There's no need for you to do anything since it will automatically update itself. At the moment they're treated simularly to pubs or company battles, but I'm planning on integrating their data into…
July 23rd
 I'm back from vacation and have discovered that some features aren't working properly due to technical disagreements introduced in Wargaming's API between their global clusters as well as changes made to some non-API data sources utilized by Rusty. …
June 13th
Today's news is news itself! Any news you want, directly into TeamSpeak!Including who joined and left your clan! Site Admins can add any rss/facebook/html/whatever feed and Rusty will automatically keep you posted on new items. Content > Add Content &…
June 4th
I've installed a new theme on clansites that will expand to the width of your browser. Well, technically it's a subtheme of the theme clansites were previously using, so colors and overall appearance should match what it was before except for the overall …
June 3rd
Rusty has now been accepted as a trusted teamspeak service provider for one of the largest teamspeak hosting providers, TServerHQ! If you rent your TS server from them and your server is on vs24 (so your TS address looks similar to…