About Us

Beals MMO Haven LLC traces its origins back to 2011 when it was established as a humble gaming community. Initially, it operated on a small scale with just a laptop and a free 32-man TeamSpeak 3 server dubbed “The Couch.” Over time, however, it evolved into a pioneering provider of essential gaming software and servers.

What began as a casual endeavor among friends within a single game expanded into a globally recognized company offering indispensable tools and services to gamers and small businesses alike. However, with this growth came the realization that balancing the demands of running a gaming community and a business was challenging.

In response to this challenge, the company once again demonstrated its innovative spirit by founding ☠_ɴ.ᴀ.ғ.ɪ.ɢ.ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ™_☠, a non-profit gaming community designed to cater to members of all ages from across the world. This move allowed Beals MMO Haven LLC to refocus its efforts and resources on its core business objectives.

Haven’s Hosting emerged as the flagship brand representing the company’s offerings, solidifying its position as a leading provider of gaming-related solutions. Despite its growth and evolution, the company remains grounded in its roots, with Beals himself still actively involved in supporting and empowering others within the online gaming community through platforms like TeamSpeak, Discod.

Through a combination of innovation, dedication, and a commitment to community, Beals MMO Haven LLC has carved out a unique niche in the competitive gaming industry, leaving a lasting impact on gamers and small businesses worldwide. 


We are often in the back end of various project that we can help offer the world 90% of them being free and open source.

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Multi-Gaming community primarily in war gaming titles but have expanded outward into other genres including the top steam titles. Search for them in a game near you!

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Frequently Asked Question?

Who can join the Teamspeak?

Anyone can join. Our ☠_ɴ.ᴀ.ғ.ɪ.ɢ.ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ™_☠ in house hosted and maintained TeamSpeak server is open to the public. ts.nafigg.com

What is Beals MMo Haven?

It was an idea inspired from boredom before we knew it we had a team then a community. As the founding members took on more projects people have gathered along the way and what you see before you today is because of an idea turned to reality.

Is B_Core Mod Pack WoT Legal?

Yes, B_Core has been approved for legal use by WarGaming NA staff.  “ ~Approved by Wargaming NA staff ~ AgentXIII”

Why should I join?

Better question to ask yourself is why not.